SECOND SEASON is available now! 💥
The second season includes HODL BOOSTER

Cloud mining
Order your server and earn coins every day.
Earn from 110% to 250% with boosters.

Buy mining power for BTC/ETH/LTC/DOGE/TRX or USDT on the TRON network and earn profits every month. Invest and invite friends to increase your mining power. Join the pool.
1. Order a server
3. Get profit
2. Start mining
Enter your crypto address
SECOND SEASON is available now!
Cloud mining
Miner hosting
We offer a completed solution for cloud mining, which will save you from the hassle associated with the purchase - transportation - hosting - maintenance of devices.
Server: 10$ Rookie`s Choice
Get currency daily, no commissions
Bitcoin (SHA-256)
Static Output Ratio 110%
Rental period: 1 month
Season 1 Season 2
Use boosters to increase power
Miner Placement Procedure After placing an order, the server will be delivered within 10-20 minutes and added to the pool - after that, your daily growth of the selected currency will begin. The mining pool will be responsible for confirmation and payment.
Buying a miner, contract Choose a server
Configuration installation and placement by technicians
Start mining Receive miner revenue
Booster Installation While receiving coins, you will also receive profit from the installed booster. You can use different types of boosters, boosters are limited and new ones appear after a certain period.
How to start
1. Create your wallet address

To create an account, you need to have a static wallet address, if you want to mine Ethereum, you can use the MetaMask wallet address, BlockChain Wallet for bitcoin, Klever for trx, etc.

The following wallets are suitable for registration: MetaMask, Blockchain wallet, Klever, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Atomic Wallet, Trust Wallet, Exodus, etc.

You can also use exchange wallets like Binance etc.
2. Create your mining account

1. Enter your wallet address in the input field.

2. Select a currency wallet on the left.

3. Click the Start mining button.

3. Add power, start mining

1. Go to the Add capacity section.

2. Use the QR code or address to purchase the power of the mining farm.

3. Increase your profit every month with boosters from 110% to 250%

4. Each booster has a lifetime, boosters can increase the current capacity of your server with all deposits to date. Each booster has unique parameters in each season.

5. Boosters can be stacked, you can use several of the same or different boosters as you like.

6. Invite friends to increase your profits.
4. Make a profit

1. Get your coins every day.

2. Cryptokord regularly increases bandwidth.

3. Cryptokord is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining platforms. Sell ​​or buy computing power and support the digital ledger technology revolution. Platform for managing and storing digital assets.
Latest news SEASON 2 is available now! 💥 HODL, MONSTER HODLER boosters has been added.
120% - 250%