How can I invest with cryptokord.network?

To start receiving passive income, you must first become a member of cryptokord.network. After registration, you can rent the power of the mining farm. All deposits must be made through the dashboard. You can login using your wallet address BTC ETH LTC DOGE TRX USDT(trc20)

How to create an account on cryptokord.network?

It`s pretty simple and convenient. Enter your wallet address in the field and click on the button: ″Start Mining″

1. To create an account, you need to have a static wallet address, if you want to mine Ethereum, you can use the MetaMask wallet address, BlockChain Wallet for bitcoin, Klever for trx, etc.

2. The following wallets are suitable for registration: MetaMask, Blockchain wallet, Klever, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Atomic Wallet, Trust Wallet, Exodus, etc.

You can also use exchange wallets like Binance etc.

Can I lose money?

There is no risk of losing money, because your capital is managed by a team with a 10-year history, practicing a balanced approach to investments, which allows you to anticipate and be ready for any market changes. Our many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers are an indicator of stable payments on a long-term basis.

Who manages the funds?

These funds are managed by a team of cryptokord.network experts.

Purchase of power

What e-currencies do you accept for investment?

We accept BTC, USDT (TRC20), ETH, LTC, TRX, DOGE *Please be careful when trying to send funds. It must be from and to CORRECT NETWORK. We will ignore your complaint if you send it from/to the wrong coin network.

How long will the mining equipment be provided?

The equipment will be delivered immediately after the acquisition of capacity

How to start mining?

1. Go to the Add capacity section.
2. Use the QR code or address to purchase the power of the mining farm.
3. Then everything happens automatically, you get power and make a profit in the form of new coins.

How are new coins credited?

Coin mining takes place in real time, by purchasing power you connect to a pool with other users and receive a reward for blocks.


How can I withdraw funds?

Log in to your account using your email address and click on the Withdraw button.

Who pays the commission?

The commission is paid by the user.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fee?

Each type of payment has its own minimum withdrawal amount and commission. The amount of the commission depends on the workload and the network you have chosen

After I make a withdrawal request, when will they be available in my currency account?

Funds are usually available within 24-48 business hours.

Withdrawal fee: depends on the network

**Take into account the established fixed exchange rate when calculating fees
**fee rates are subject to change if their amounts change significantly when performing transactions on the blockchain

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